The Wanderess | Who is she?

Hello there! My name is Shernice, an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams of traveling the world.

Unlike normal people who aim to get normal (stable) high paying jobs, I belong to the ‘abnormal’ group  who wants to become a full-time traveler. If ‘abnormal’ is what they call people who are not afraid to live a creative life, then I’m 100% proud to be one.

I also don’t want to just travel and achieve a list of 100 countries I’ve visited in a year. I aim for SLOW travel. I want to have the power to choose my destination, to explore at my own pace, to really immerse in culture and experience life in a new perspective, constantly learning every step of the way. My ultimate goal is to set foot on every continent in the world, slowly exploring one at a time by living like a local, trying different cuisines, learning a new language, doing things I wouldn’t normally do… and experience a new way of living.

DreamsOfAWanderess.com is a little space I created on the internet to document those amazing travel experiences, share travel hacks and at the same time with the hopes of being an inspiration for readers like you to get out and explore the world. <3