The Girl Behind The Blog “Dreams Of A Wanderess” – Liebster Award Winner!

Guess what? I’ve won my first blog award! ;DD

YES!!! Dreams Of A Wanderess proudly receives the Liebster Award and I would like to thank Vanda of The Yogi Wanderer for nominating me. It is an honor to receive such an award. This is a great opportunity to get to know  fellow travel bloggers and for my readers to know more about me as well. Ready to get to know the girl behind this blog? 🙂

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When do you find yourself the happiest?

This is something I’ve written almost a year ago, I felt like I’ve lost passion in everything that I do. I tried to ‘entertain’ myself or keep myself busy. But the truth is, I’m just ignoring the obvious. Something just didn’t feel right. That thought kept me up almost every night. Till finally I had the courage to ask myself, “What is it that really makes you happy?” Continue Reading

Destination Guides, Thailand

Phuket On A Very Tight Budget ($10 A Day)

Dreaming of a trip to Phuket but hesitating because of your budget? What if I told you that you can survive on an ALL-IN budget of $10 a day without starving yourself or sleeping at crowded hostels? Here’s your ultimate guide to phuket on a tight budget. Including tips on what transport to use, where to stay, almost-free activities, cheap food and many more travel hacks!

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Mahout Exeprience at Happy Elephant Home in Chiang Mai, Thailand

That ONE idea that made me go backpacking solo in Thailand – I wanted to see the Elephants and become a Mahout for a day!

What is a Mahout?

A Mahout is basically an elephant keeper. Their tasks include feeding, bathing, hugging and loving the elephants all day long. They also receive lots of sloppy kisses. Sounds like a perfect job? It sure did to me, so I made it my goal to experience this amazing job opportunity (even if it’s just for day).

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5 Common (Frustrating) Travel Misconceptions

“But WHY will you travel?!”

That’s the usual question I get whenever I tell people I’m traveling somewhere, either alone or with company. My reply to them is simply “because I want to travel” – but that doesn’t seem enough reason for the majority and they start to make their own theories. Some really offending and hilarious ones. Here are 5 common frustrating misconceptions about (solo) travel that you have to stop believing NOW.

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